SADFA 1 Printing Technology

stock-photo-8628668-silkscreen-ink-or-paint History of Printing
Development of printing styles and methods; including batik, block and silk screen.

Principles of operation
Rotary screen printing - operation, advantages and disadvantages.

Flatbed screen printing (hand and automatic) - operation, advantages and disadvantages. Heat-transfer printing - operation, advantages and disadvantages.

Description of blade and magnetic rod squeegees - their uses and advantages.

The principles and control of registration. How designs are built up and the importance of the sequence of colours.

Printing faults
An introduction to the more common printing faults and their causes and avoidance.

Types of adhesives - their advantages and limitations.

An introduction to natural and synthetic thickeners and emulsion systems.

The importance of the flow properties of print pastes and viscosity control.

Printing Styles
An introduction to direct, discharge, resist, bum-out and foam printing styles.

Colour Kitchens
An introduction to colour kitchen arrangement and operation.

An overview of the preparation and pre-treatment processes required for printing fabric, stressing the importance of correct and consistent application.

Pigment printing
An introduction to pigment printing systems and their advantages, including practical demonstration.