SADFA 3 Printing Technology

stock-photo-8628668-silkscreen-ink-or-paint Design Production
Initiation of artwork and creation of the form in which it is presented to the printer.

Colour Separation
Principles and techniques of colour separation by hand, photographic and computer methods.

Printing Repeats
Conversion of designs into correct repeats for engraving onto screen. Different types of repeats and drops.

How photographic negatives are produced.

Mesh Size
The mesh sizes used for rotary and flat screens. The importance and influence of mesh size on print definition and clarity.

Screen Construction
The construction and manufacture of rotary and flat screens.

Engraving: Flat Screens
Coating, exposure and washing off of flat screens. The photographic process and its control.

Engraving: Rotary Screens (Photographic method)
Coating, drying, exposure, washing off and polymerising processes. End-ringing.

Engraving: Rotary Screens (Laser Engraving)
Laser engraving technology, operation and an introduction to CAD systems.

Colour Kitchens
Colour kitchen control and management. Strike-off and sampling arrangements.