Our Partners

africancoloursystems African Colour Systems
Established in 1975 African Colour systems has been the leader in supplying Quality control equipment to the Textile, Paint and Automotive industries. They represent the world's leaders in Colour Matching equipment and supply spectrophotometers, Colour matching light boxes, laboratory dyeing machinery, Laboratory Dispensors and Pantone guides.
dystar DyStar
DyStar is a leading provider of products and services for the global textile industry. With a heritage of over 100 years of both product and application innovation, DyStar was founded in 1995 as a coloration specialist for the textile and leather industries.
gelvenor Gelvenor Textiles
Gelvenor Textiles (Pty) Ltd was established in 1965 as weaver, dyer and finisher of synthetic and man-made continuous filament yarn fabrics. Today, Gelvenor Textiles engineers fabric solutions of distinction.
Fabrics Unravelled - SADFA link Fabrics Unravelled
Fabrics Unravelled CC was established by Carol Watkinson in 2000. The Fabrics Unravelled Educational Package consists of 3 books relating to a box of 418 Handling Swatches. It is used as a hands-on resource within the fashion and textiles field. In time a demand for short courses with retailers came about so Carol developed an Introduction to Textiles Workbook with 80 handling swatches and an accompanying Illustrated Glossary. Carol Watkinson is passionate about unravelling the mysteries of textiles and use many forms of teaching material.
ncpc National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa
The National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA) is a national programme of government that promotes the implementation of resource efficiency and cleaner production (RECP) methodologies to assist industry to lower costs through reduced energy, water and materials usage, and waste management. It is hosted by the CSIR on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry.
mutimex Mutimex CC
Mutimex CC are suppliers to the factories that manufacture the fabric / cloth in southern Africa. They are geared toward service and reliability, with excellent product support from their Suppliers and Principals, where they have carved their niche amongst fierce international competition.
pantone Pantone South Africa
From print and digital color reproduction to product development for fashion and interiors, Pantone continues to offer total color solutions for all industries. Pantone has earned the reputation as the world's color authority. You can now match Pantone colours online with Clariant. Pantone is a division of X-rite International and Pantone products are distributed in South Africa and Mauritius by African Colour Systems.
Texfedlogo2 Textile Federation
Formed in 1975, the Textile Federation (Texfed) acts as the voice and spokesman for its members on key industry issues. Its main focus areas are trade matters and legislative changes that affect the industry. Separate structures have been created to deal with labour and bargaining issues.
texmate 2nd logo Textmate Textiles
Textmate Textiles (Pty) Ltd, together with their Associate Company Intexma Cape CC has been appointed as official agents for South Africa and surrounding territories, for the well known and highly regarded German manufacturer of Warp Knitting Machinery and Ancillary Equipment Karl Mayer of Obertshausen. 
witon logo Witon Chemicals
Witon Chemicals (Pty) Ltd are a leading speciality manufacturer and supplier of water-based polymer composites, OBAs, colourants & chemicals for the textile finishing, adhesives, waterproofing, laminating, coatings and paper industries.