SADFA 1 Fibre Technology


Definition of Fibres

Types of fibre i.e. natural, man-made and synthetic.

General Chemistry Principles

Definition of atoms, Molecules, ions, salts, monomers, polymers, etc.

Fibre Structure

Crystalline and amorphous regions in the polymer structure.

Wool and its Properties

Physical and chemical properties of wool. An introduction to the process route from fleece to fabric.

Cotton and its Properties

Physical and chemical properties of cotton. Introduction to cotton processing from plant to fabric.

Textile Terminology

Basic terms used in everyday textile production e.g. count/tex, twist, tenacity, regain and others.

Spinning Technology 

Basic principles of spinning, different methods of spinning, e.g. ring, hollow spindle, open end, jet.

Weaving and Knitting Technology

General knowledge of the types of weaves and knits available.

Textile Standards and Specifications

A definition of abrasion, pilling, tear strength, tensile strength and others.

Regenerated Fibres

A brief study of viscose and acetate fibres.

Synthetic Fibres

An introduction to the different synthetic fibres produced today including their many end uses.

Colour Fastness

Use of grey scales Test-methods eg washing, light, perspiration and others.