SADFA 2 Fibre Technology


Wool Production

A look at fibres and their suitability for their end uses using the HAIMO concept, i.e. household uses, apparel uses, industrial uses, medical uses and other uses.

Cotton Fibre

More about cotton and its production including the HAIMO concept.

Viscose Fibres

Importance of viscose in textiles today.

Polyamide Fibres

Introduction to the manufacture and end uses of nylon today. Process route.

Polyester Fibres

Importance of polyester in the textile industry of today. Synthesis from raw material to fabric.

Acrylic And Modacrylic Fibres

Manufacture and end uses including the HAIMO concept. The extent to which acrylics have replaced wool.

Polypropylene Fibres

Basic fibre technology.

Spinning Systems                                                                                                                                                  

Methods of Producing Man Made Fibres Wet, Dry and Melt spinning systems.

Man Made Fibres in Comparison to Natural Fibres

Advantages and disadvantages.