SADFA 1 Dyeing and Printing Course


A Certificate in Dyeing (or Printing) and Finishing awarded by SADFA has been successfully run for the past 25 years. The Certificate is recognised by the SDC in the UK and can lead to the award of Licentiate of the society. (LSDC) Requests have been received from neighrbouring countries for a similar course to be made available to them. This, SADFA is willing to undertake if, following a survey of these countries, there is sufficiently widespread interest in the course.


To provide industry with trained technical personnel with a basic general knowledge of preparation dying, or printing and finishing of natural and synthetic materials.

Subject Matter: 

Dying technology 1, 2, 3

Printing technology 1, 2, 3

Fibre Technology 1, 2, 3

Tuition Scenario:

Course Material to be forwarded to students by email. Text Books suitable for the course will be recommended by SADFA. Tests and examinations will be set and held at local venues under supervision of suitable persons.

Admission Qualifications:

Local equivalent of South African Grade 12 Note: A mature applicant with approved experience may be admitted on merit fees, to be advised once sufficient interest is established. The fee will include subject notes test and exam costs but not text books.